Concrete Sidewalk Vs. Asphalt Sidewalk

Pros and cons for both concrete sidewalk as well as an asphalt sidewalk. In the end, concrete is by far the most well-known option for sidewalks due to large part due to its durability. Concrete is constructed from cement along with aggregate, water, and sand. This makes the cement sidewalk extremely sturdy. Because asphalt has a much shorter life span as compared to concrete, asphalt is not usually the most preferred material for sidewalks and pedestrian walkways.

Here are the benefits of the benefits of a concrete sidewalk:

  • In the case of commercial building, (shopping centers, corporate structures, medical facilities) walkways are constructed mostly with concrete because of these reasons
    • More robust (can last for 40 to 50 years)
    • A quick drying poured material. Typically, in 30 minutes, the smooth surface is applied to the surface , followed by a broom to help in the traction. Since it is constructed to the highest standards of engineering cement is an excellent choice for corners and curbs that have various slopes and grades.
    • Requires less long-term maintenance.
    • ADA ramps as well as stairs and elevation changes are all made perfectly from concrete.

Here are the disadvantages of concrete sidewalks: concrete sidewalk:

  • Installation costs
    • Concrete walkways have more expensive to install than asphalt.
    • Repairing concrete is also more expensive as compared to asphalt because concrete repairs are more costly per foot. But with the use of a concrete sidewalk problems usually do not come up for long (much more than it would require to wait for asphalt to require repair). According to our experience, certain concrete sidewalks we are currently replacing were constructed in the 1980’s. Because repairs aren’t as common and less frequently made with concrete this could help you save money over the long term.
    • The price of using a salt-free deicer during winter is high since salt is not recommended on concrete.

Here Are some advantages to the asphalt sidewalk:

  • Flexible
  • Low cost
  • It is less expensive to maintain

Here are some of the cons for asphalt sidewalks: asphalt sidewalk:

  • Shorter lifespan
  • It must be compacted, making it more difficult to run shorter and more precise runs.
  • Due to the necessity of compaction, the corners and curb ramps made from asphalt aren’t as precise as those constructed out of concrete.
  • It requires more frequent maintenance

In the case of parking lot paver driveways and paving for parking lots, asphalt can be the most well-known practical, practical and affordable choice. However, when discussing sidewalks, we recommend concrete. In the event that your business is in need of the addition of new walkways call us now for a no-cost consultation. We can then discuss the pros and cons of having an asphalt sidewalk vs. a concrete sidewalk.

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